Transformers 5 720p BluRay 2017 Original Audio Hindi And English

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Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) was one of the absolute worst cinema experiences I have ever had, and it was easily the second worst movie I watched this year so far right after Fifty Shades Darker. This film was probably Michael Bay’s career nadir – I came in already expecting a bad movie due to the poor critical reviews, and even then I still walked out with a slight headache, baffled and astonished by how many times it was way worse than I thought it would be!
Everything in this film was just all wrong (literally there were NO POSITIVES). First of all, even as a turn-off-your-brain action film, which was what this film was intended to be all along, this production just failed miserably because the action sequences were shot with a ton of awful slo-mo (same problem as Transformers 2, which was previously the most critically reviled movie of the franchise) and also edited extremely poorly. Scenes literally transitioned in such a sloppy manner, with a lot of annoying rapid cuts, constantly changing aspect ratios from wide screen to IMAX and vice versa, and abrupt endings, making this movie’s editing some of the worst I have ever seen (seriously, if you think Suicide Squad (2016) had some of the worst editing in a blockbuster film, wait until you see this movie and you will probably change your mind). At the same time, unlike The Fast And The Furious franchise that is likeable due to its relatable characters, this film literally had none of that – many of the characters, especially the little girl Izabella (played by Isabela Moner) and the Decepticons on screen, were so paper thin and lacked any sort of development that the audience could relate to, making the action scenes rather fall flat since there was no form of dramatic tension created in the process. Also, expect a ton of Michael Bay transgressions amplified by ten fold in this movie – boring explosions, epic shots that meant nothing to the story, and some extremely horrible jokes that were rather pointless.

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