Thor Ragnarok 720p BluRay HD 2017 Dual Audio Hindi Download

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After Captain America Civil War, Marvel established another milestone with Thor Ragnarok after a long lineage of superhero flicks. With the third movie in the trilogy, Thor Ragnarok brings Thor’s character on par with Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk in terms of plot and character development, giving it substantial depth that lacked in the previous movies. The movie takes place against a backdrop of an Asgard devoid of Odin and Thor introspecting his life choices as he continues on his quest to find his languishing father. Asgard is not the same anymore in Loki’s regime and the absence of its original guardians gives a nostalgic feel to the audience. In retrospect, we’re aware of the kind of relationship Odin had with Thor, not only as a father, but also and more significantly as a king, veritably because Thor was supposed to cease his hubris and arrogance to learn the ways of an emperor, which he did, only after he was stripped off his powers and relieved of Mjolnir. Throughout the movie, the same dynamics of a father-son relationship has been subtly explored. On a personal level, it poignantly fed on the guilt I have as a son who keeps forgetting that no matter how harsh parents are, they always want the best for us.

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