Skyscraper 2018 HDRip HQ Line Audios Hindi And English

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The movie is about skyscraper building in Hong Kong which is about 220 plus floors and meant to be highest building then Burj khalifa and has unique top floor of pearl with 8k dual side camera making it like walk in sky and real mirrors reflecting actual real 3d images of the person standing in repeated mirrors near by .The building is self powered by twin blade fan running inside and is controlled via computer .This building is owned by a Chinese man Moi and he has a back short story of partnering evil to Villain Bores in his terrorist activity and has data of his all connections .Now to get this drive the Bores team breach the building and hunt Dwayne who is there to test the residential standard for living for the pearl builing with his wife Dr Sara obvious don’t know why often that name and his twin childrens as he has a tablet authorised to control the computer of the operation of the building also not to forget Dwayne has lost his left leg in a swift mission ten years ago .Given the situation after losing his tablet in the city and knowing his family in entrapped inside and police suspecting him as the main accused of the act , Dwayne breaks inside the firing building and guards his family his boss the Chinese man and his data from Bores and his team.

Some what the movie bring us what happens when a skyscrapers fall proof fall aside and burning building ,falling concrete and fire winds around the scenes one has to appreciate the art director and cinematography but the story lacks to the core stating that the villain groups to recover the data instead of kidnapping Cha directly they think to corner him by targeting his dream plan of pearl the building is a bit cinematic and also the bond between Dwayne and his wife is not promising that he takes big steps to save them may be a small back story about their love might have boosted those scenes .But Dwayne has done whats given to him fairly and square and the whole movie rests in his shoulders ,the producer has targeted to give a time pass engaging movie to audience and has indeed succeed to it almost .

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