Padmaavat 2018 Hindi HD Movie Download BluRay 720p

17Aug - by admin - 0 - In Bollywood Movies

Padmavaat was a different medium of course, and every medium has its own limitations and freedoms when it comes to point-of-view storytelling and well rounded characters. But half an hour into the movie tells you that Padmaavat’s characters are not people, but cartoons, its narrative relies on stale iconography, its ideas are sterotypical and ultimately boring, its plot lacking in depth and dimension. I don’t know how much of the moviemaker’s vision was distorted because of the political and religious radicalism and violence. And I also read that the movie was inspired by a poem called “Padmaavat”, which tells of the turkish ruler’s obsession over claiming the Rajput Queen, Padmaavati, known for her extraordinary beauty. In light of these barriers and inspirations, you get exactly what you paid for. An economical, almost disney inspired storytelling, which does a hefty job of drilling the viewers into the moral righteousness of the “hero clan” over the lowly treacherousness of the “villian clan”. Thankyou! But disney was bearable because it was way shorter and less of a snoozefest.


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