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Lust Stories is not a skin flick. This is the most important thing you must know. Skin flick is a legitimate genre which typically have a lot of good looking people being half naked almost half of the time. Sometimes you may also find a story buried deep within the pile of clothes taken off by its lead characters. For example Hate Story is a skin flick and do you know we already have 4 Hate Story movies. (Fun Fact: Hate Story 4 was about a social message about Eve Teasing, you didn’t see that coming, did you ? So let me repeat, Lust Stories is not a skin flick. I am telling you because that is what is thought when I started watching it. The trailer wasn’t so helpful in this regard.

Having settled that, Lust Stories is anthology of 4 distinct stories tied in by the common running theme of desire (call it lust, if you must). The first story is directed by Anurag Kashyap and stars Radhika Apte and Aakash Thosar (Sairat fame). This probably is the best of the 4 stories with many comic moments. Men have always been accused of thinking from their nether regions, but is it really any different for women ? This is fundamental question which this segment asks and answers and it is absolute fun to watch. Radhika Apte is absolutely phenomenal in her too liberal, too confused, all at the same time , avatar. The second story is directed by Zoya Akhtar and is about a fling between a maid and the houseowner. It’s pretty ordinary stuff but Bhumi Pednekar embodies her role and lets you know why she is considered such a good actor. She delivers in a role with hardly any dialogues with mostly her expressions and body language.

The third story is directed by Dibakar Banerjee and as expected, darkest of them all. This segment has Manisha Koirala playing the role of a bored housewife past her expiry having a fling. This is also the most mature of the 4 stories with 3 adults dealing with their issues, in the way it works for them.

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