Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom 2018 HDRip Dual Audio Hindi And English

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Bryce Dallas Howard was also incredibly likeable as Claire Dearing was also great. She too had a natural chemistry with everyone on screen- especially Pratt, and I loved how the two- despite their break up (in universe) could put aside their differences and work together for the greater good of the dinosaurs. Howard is also at her best here. She displayed a caring, compassionate, yet also strong willed individual. I cannot wait to see how their relationship progresses into¬†Jurassic World 3. As for the new characters- well I thoroughly enjoyed them. Firstly the IT guy, played by Justice Smith, Franklin Webb was so relatable and delivered some of the funniest and relatable moments within the film- odd for an IT guy. I also enjoyed Daniella Pineda’s character, Zia Rodriguez- and I think why I enjoyed her so much is because I thought I’d hate her, and I was left feeling pleasantly surprised. I liked new character Sir Benjamin Lockwood, played by James Cromwell. He was a commanding presence, although sick throughout the film. His role may have been small, but, although a new character, I liked how they introduced him as an already established character. It made his introduction that much more interesting- and I assume relatable to fans who have watched the previous four films. As for his niece- played by Isabella Sermon, Maisie Lockwood, I thought Sermon was an incredible actress- she has a bright future in acting ahead of her, and the twist made with her character was a great addition and expansion of the franchise.

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