Hate Story 4 Hindi Movie Download 2018 720p HDRip

15Aug - by admin - 0 - In Bollywood Movies

This film is tiring to watch. It’s the fourth installment in the franchise and is quite unnecessary. The plot is laughable and sometimes the acting too. The songs are an excuse for lovemaking scenes between the leads and they are just some forgettable sequences which are just pushed in between the frames to extend the run time of the film. The dialogues can be cringy and most of the times too cheesy to digest. As mentioned earlier, it is a combination of the previous films in this franchise and that makes this film a complete mess. It fails to find it’s original voice and misses the mark far away from the point. The background score is loud and ear piercing, it will make you cover your ears in pain. The film tries to give a good message but miserably fails due to its poor writing and execution. The section of the audience who will enter the theatres in hope for some erotic scenes will also be disappointed as there are not many of them here and the ones that are present are maybe censored or not so long enough to satisfy. You can basically watch them in the trailers and the songs available on the YouTube.

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