The Grandmaster 2013 Chinese Hindi Dubbed Movie Download

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It’s a line that sums up Wong Kar-wai’s much-anticipated historical martial arts epic. The Grandmaster, which will open the Berlin International Film Festival on Feb. 7, is an action-packed spectacle for sure — indeed, the film contains some of the most dazzling fights ever seen onscreen, courtesy of the action choreography of Yuen Woo-ping (of The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame) — but the Hong Kong auteur is seemingly more preoccupied with the introspective verbal exchanges between his battle-hardened warriors. While martial arts aficionados will find fulfillment with the fights — complete with more-than-explicit primers from some of the fighters themselves about the specialties of the art they practice — Wong’s art house fan base also will find much to savor, with the leading characters oozing the kind of longing that defines the filmmaker’s oeuvre. The suppressed affections between Ip and the young, headstrong northeastern fighter Gong Er (Zhang Ziyi) doubtless will mesmerize festival audiences converted to Wong’s aesthetics through In the Mood for Love. The Grandmaster 2013 Chinese Hindi Dubbed Movie Download.


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