Ghoul 2018 Hindi Season 1 Complete 720p HD Download

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Ghoul itself relates to a pre-Islamic myth/legend from what’s now the Arab world. It’s sort of an undead monster that feeds on human flesh, and passes on its macabre existence on those it preys on. A more western version of this creature would perhaps be a zombie. So, yeah, this is, in that sense, actually a zombie pic. It deals in equal parts with supernatural/paranormal stuff. And yet, all the way through to the first episode, there is not even a hint/inkling of the show’s genre.

Up until then, the series plays out like a dark, dystopian political drama, set in an underground detention centre that maybe looks a bit like Guantanamo Bay, or what would’ve been Kaala Paani during the British Raj. It feels altogether like a Nazi concentration camp. The state runs this horror show. Mostly Muslims get detained on charges of terrorism, or even carrying/producing presumably seditious literature. Brainwashing at both ends—whether among those representing the state, or their religion—is complete. Caught in this conundrum is a young Muslim recruit training to be an officer of the hate-state. Her father’s an Islamic preacher man.


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