Game of Thrones season 1 Complete HD BluRay Dual Audio Hindi And English Download

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Directed by veteran HBO helmer Jeremy Podeswa and written by Benioff and Weiss, the climax of “The Dragon and the Wolf” was one of many action sequences served up this season that was so awesome in its hugeness that it could have been scored with the sound of a cash-counting machine. Increasingly, the heart of every showstopper on Thrones is not any particular character moment (though it has never completely lost track of those — a feat that’s probably harder to manage than it sounds), but our realization that no expense has been spared to wow audiences. In sheer tactile fury, no current fantasy blockbuster playing in theaters can compete with what those last few minutes showed us, just as none could compete with the big battle sequences in prior episodes that showed dragons incinerating ground troops like F-16 fighters dropping napalm in a 1980s Vietnam picture. Each subsequent episode this year has felt like a giddy escalation of what came before. And many of the big twists — notably the death and resurrection of one of Daenerys’s dragons, the killing of several major characters (including Aidan Gillen’s Petyr Baelish, killed with the very dagger he’d used in earlier plots against the Starks), and the blooming love story between Daenerys and the resurrected Jon Snow (Kit Harington) — had a similarly blatant crowd-pleasing or crowd-horrifying quality, as if they’d been calculated for maximum social-media chatter on Sunday night and Monday morning. Ratings are still sky-high, and the show is so engrossing and eminently discussable that when it’s premiering new episodes, it can feel as if it’s the only thing on TV.

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