The Fast And The Furious All Movies Collection 2001-2015 720p Dual Audio BluRay Hindi And English

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The best movie for someone who isn’t deeeeep into the world of Dom and The Fabulous Torettos would be original, The Fast and Furious . This is a highly entertaining low budget action movie with refreshingly little CGI that shamelessly steals the plot of Point Break, casts a more interesting and much cheaper set of diverse actors, and drops it into the LA street racing scene of 2001. If you don’t enjoy this movie maybe low budget action movies aren’t for you. But in this category, this ranks right up there with Speed on the all time list.
If you’ve sampled the goods and enjoyed yourself but don’t know how to jump back in, you should watch Fast Five and the latest installment, The Fate of the Furious. Furious Five was, top to bottom, the most manageable and well put together franchise movie that didn’t require as much from the audience, and had the most complete narrative from beginning to end.

If you didn’t know anything about FF, you could jump in at the beginning, and if you didn’t want to watch anymore, the series could end there for you. The soundtrack was amazing, the setting was Rio, and this movie introduced The Rock as an Uber villain to the merry band of international street racers just lookin to make a dollar out of $.15.

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