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13Aug - by admin - 0 - In Bollywood Movies

The movie is total waste of time rather watch ‘AlamAara’. After a long span of time I watched a bollywood movie, just because of Raghav, Dharmesh and Punit. All 3 are great dancer and Raghav do’es a well humorous anchoring on TV sets too, so just being a fan I watched the movie and it was a big disappointment.

ABCD is far far far… 1000 times better than Nawabzaade. Neither the songs nor storyline or literally any dance was there which was expected from these 3 big names of DID in last decade.

For me it was 1/10..

Even 1 poiht is more to this movie. Don’t waste your 2 hours and more importantly your money.

(Note: I respect them as a dancer, even ABCD was a good one.. but just you’ve got a bit fame doesn’t mean one should start experimenting with such stuff in which they aren’t literally good. If so then I see no difference in these young dancing stars and those dynasty kids of superstar who doesn’t know acting but get to do a movie because of their family bollywood history.)

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