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Avengers: Infinity War is a different kind of film. It doesn’t follow the rules of conventional filmmaking. It is a construct ten years in the making and it is the closest film and comic book have come to each other. I’m not even sure I’m comfortable calling it a film. It’s something else.

Bringing all of these characters together in one story is asking too much of a single movie. It ends up being the greatest strength and greatest weakness of the film. The film is overstuffed, but the Russo brothers are master seamstresses and they keep the suit intact. But, to do that, they had to abandon the normal rules of film. There is no room to reintroduce characters. There is no room to fully appreciate the ramifications of the events of the film. Those tasks are allocated to the audience. This is a film for audiences that have been along for the ride for all eighteen of the preceding films. It is our job to know these characters and our job to understand the ramifications to these characters. For that audience, this film is emotionally exhausting. I found myself in a continual cycle of joy, thrill, and heartbreak. I laughed out loud at least a dozen times and had tears well up an equal amount.

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