Deadpool 2016 720p Blu-Ray Dual Audio English And Hindi

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I’ve been pleasantly surprised by two recent Marvel films that I expected to be garbage. A couple of months ago, I saw Ant-man while on a cruise ship. It was so much fun I watched it twice more during the voyage.  Last night, I went to see Deadpool. I don’t read comic books, and my only exposure to the character was in the film X-men Origins: Wolverine. After seeing a preview for Deadpool, I was puzzled by how this very different Deadpool fit into the character’s mythology.  From what I’ve read, apparently this current iteration is more faithful to the comic book storylines.  The movie was great!  Yes, the plot is basic and predictable (just like every superhero action film ever).  The action, blood spurting, and dismemberment is non-stop fun…and wholly inappropriate for all the 12-year-olds in the audience with their parents. The comic writing is fantastic with one-liners and jabs flying left and right–many so esoteric or dated that my partner and I were the only people in the theater laughing. The movie pokes fun at itself, the movie industry and the audience. Other high points include the numerous scenes with a ripped and shirtless (and sometimes pantless) Ryan Reynolds.  I will accept this as compensation for a weak plot.

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