Deadpool 2 HDRip Dual Audio Hindi And English 2018 Hindi Dubbed Movie

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Deadpool 2 takes a winning formula from the first film, tweaks it, colors it blue, starts working for that dude that sells chicken, decides he can do better than that dude that sells chicken, kills the dude that sells chicken, overreaches and gets his brother-in-law killed, but then goes out on his own terms. Like a pimp.

Hell yeah, I’m referencing Breaking Bad. Cause why the fuck wouldn’t I?

Okay, but back to Deadpool 2, seriously, everything that works from the first film is dialed up to ELEVEN, and then that girl comes in, ripping holes in space-time, slipping into the Upside Down and back again, meeting proverbial family, meeting further proverbial family, taking what she needs to take, and then BOOM, getting her FIRST KISS!! That’s how good Deadpool 2 is and how it accomplishes it.

See, Deadpool is kind of a mixed bag. It’s nice, it’s bloody, there are a couple of excellent body jokes, but by the end of the film it becomes a bit repetitive. Not the case with Deadpool 2.

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