Black Panther 2018 BluRay 720p HD Hindi And English Download

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To be fully honest and nitpicky, the movie didn’t have an entirely compelling plot and did incorporate a lot of previously-seen cliché elements. Nevertheless it was driven by a compelling and unique protagonist, his entourage, and his mesmerizing universe. Wakanda is simply gorgeous to watch on the big screen (definitely worth the IMAX viewing) and Chadwick Boseman is just simply awesome as the titular role. He carries on from where we left things in Civil War, and does it endearingly, powerfully and with poise and style.

Michael B. Jordan may not have been a truly intimidating bad guy, but his Killmonger was still a very relatable character with a rough grounded past, and makes for one of the slightly better MCU movie villains in recent times, along with Michael Keaton’s equally relatable Vulture.

And now coming to the movie’s biggest strength: its casting. On one hand, it is a bold move to go with almost an entirely black starcast, but on the other, one should admit that they’re also all just such brilliant actors. Nearly everyone just excelling in their role, small or big, which keeps you engaged during the crucial scenes. Terrific acting, and such strong and memorable characters!

Also, not only does this movie empower black people, but it also empowers women big time! Truly loved Okoye and her fierce and powerful persona, but my personal favorite was Shuri, played by Letitia Wright. She seems like a really interesting character (even smarter than Tony Stark, I’d say!) and I really hope we get to see more of her in Avengers: Infinity War! Also enjoyed Martin Freeman’s innocent obliviousness as Ross, and Andy Serkis as the goofy-yet-dangerous Klaue.

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