Bahubali 2 The Conclusion 2017 HD BRRip Hindi Movie Download

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Baahubali is better than all the war genre movies of Hollywood. Yes, I said better than them. I was really fed up with those movies. Leonidas yelling his lungs out without any reason and the expressionless face of Achilles made me hate movies of this genre. Unneccessary violence, sex, shouting was all what I saw in 300: rise of an empire. A righteous king. A protector of Dharma. A warrior who follows some ethics, some war codes. Ancient Indian warfare is known for its rigid rules, nothing like that was in the contemporary world. The character of Amarendra Baahubali, writers have developed, is amazing. His son Mahendra Baahubali is unique in himself. Mahendra is a blend of a kid and a warrior. Baahubali is not a one man story. The supporting characters have played their roles extremely well.

The women in the film also played great roles. Sivagami Devi, Devasena and Avanthika proved themselves as real queens. They were strong women who walked ahead of men. Other minor characters also played their roles great to make the movie interesting. Although Hollywood will never award us. But Baahubali is at par with their movies. It has some good story with it, not just unneccessary running here and there and shouting like mad men. It is a film worth watching and like I said, one of the best film series ever made in India. Of course its a story of a father and a son, but more than that its a story of both hatred and love.

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