Ambushed 2013 720p BluRay Dual Audio Hindi And English Download

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This should serve as a note to all up-and-coming young actors: If you find yourself faced with the choice of actually starving to death or earning a paycheck by landing a role in a movie such as ‘Ambushed,’ the choice is easy: you starve. Otherwise the shame that follows you from that moment on will truly be a fate worse than death. Written and produced by Augustin (that’s right, he goes by the same naming convention as, say, Madonna or Cher) and starring some recognizable faces such as ‘Expendables’ teammates, Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture, this wannabe drugs-to-riches story not only comes across as lame, infantile and utterly amateurish, it also takes the cake as the most repugnant, puerile and ridiculously unwatchable movie of 2013. Despite what most flicks of this ilk would have you think, layers of lazy nihilistic misanthropy, topped-off with a healthy helping of misogyny (there’s an actual moment when a female undercover DEA agent engages in a slow-motion pillow fight with a drug dealer’s girlfriend), and some half-baked ideas about capitalism and the inefficacy of the war on drugs don’t make for much of a movie, especially when they have nothing pertinent or intelligent to say about nihilism, misanthropy, or, heaven forbid, capitalism and the drug war. And things are only made worse when all of the abovementioned defects find there way into a screenplay with little interest in things like pacing, character development or dialogue that doesn’t sound like a pre-teen who – having just smoked his first cigarette after watching ‘Scarface’ for the eleventh time this month – is pretty sure he’s got this whole complicated, bureaucratic, decades-long battle with drugs and the inherent questions of the legality/illegality of narcotic substances all figured out. What it all boils down to, however, is a string of surface-level deep pontifications on the drug trade smattered across 97 minutes of tedious action-movie larking about that manages to forget most of its cast and subplots about halfway through the movie.

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